Source code for pykechain.enums

from pykechain.utils import __dict__inherited__

[docs]class Enum: """Custom enumeration class to support class attributes as options. Example ------- >>> class Toppings(Enum): ... CHEESE = "Cheese" ... SALAMI = "Salami" >>> topping_choice = Toppings.CHEESE """
[docs] @classmethod def options(cls): """Provide a sorted list of options.""" return sorted( (value, name) for (name, value) in __dict__inherited__(cls=cls, stop=Enum).items() )
[docs] @classmethod def values(cls): """Provide a (sorted) list of values.""" return [value for (value, name) in cls.options()]
[docs]class Multiplicity(Enum): """The various multiplicities that are accepted by KE-chain. For more information on the representation in KE-chain, please consult the KE-chain `Part documentation`_. :cvar ZERO_ONE: Multiplicity 0 to 1 :cvar ONE: Multiplicity 1 :cvar ZERO_MANY: Multiplicity 0 to infinity :cvar ONE_MANY: Multiplicity 1 to infinity """ ZERO_ONE = "ZERO_ONE" ONE = "ONE" ZERO_MANY = "ZERO_MANY" ONE_MANY = "ONE_MANY"
# M_N = "M_N" # not implemented
[docs]class Category(Enum): """The various categories of Parts that are accepted by KE-chain. For more information on the representation in KE-chain, please consult the KE-chain `Part documentation`_. :cvar INSTANCE: Category of Instance :cvar MODEL: Category of Model """ INSTANCE = "INSTANCE" MODEL = "MODEL"
[docs]class Classification(Enum): """The various classification of Parts that are accepted by KE-chain. For more information on the representation in KE-chain, please consult the KE-chain `Part documentation`_. :cvar PRODUCT: Classification of the part object is Product :cvar CATALOG: Classification of the part object is a CATALOG .. _Part documentation: queryString=concept+part """ PRODUCT = "PRODUCT" CATALOG = "CATALOG" FORM = "FORM"
[docs]class PropertyType(Enum): """The various property types that are accepted by KE-chain. For more information on the representation in KE-chain, please consult the KE-chain `Property documentation`_. :cvar CHAR_VALUE: a charfield property (single line text) :cvar TEXT_VALUE: text property (long text, may span multiple lines) :cvar BOOLEAN_VALUE: a boolean value property (True/False) :cvar INT_VALUE: integer property (whole number) :cvar FLOAT_VALUE: floating point number property (with digits) :cvar DATETIME_VALUE: a datetime value property :cvar ATTACHMENT_VALUE: an attachment property :cvar LINK_VALUE: url property :cvar REFERENCE_VALUE: a reference property, a UUID value referring to other part model .. versionadded:: 1.14 :cvar SINGLE_SELECT_VALUE: single select list property (choose from a list) :cvar REFERENCES_VALUE: a multi reference property, a list of UUID values referring to other part models .. versionadded:: 3.6 :cvar ACTIVITY_REFERENCES_VALUE: Activity References Property :cvar SCOPE_REFERENCES_VALUE: Scope References Property :cvar SERVICE_REFERENCES_VALUE: Service Referenes Property :cvar TEAM_REFERENCES_VALUE: Team References Property :cvar USER_REFERENCES_VALUE: User References Property :cvar FORM_REFERENCES_VALUE: Form References Property :cvar CONTEXT_REFERENCES_VALUE: Context References Property :cvar JSON_VALUE: Generic JSON storage Property :cvar GEOJSON_VALUE: GEOJSON property to store map data :cvar WEATHER_VALUE: Weather JSON property compatible with the response of :cvar DATE_VALUE: Date value :cvar TIME_VALUE: Time value :cvar DURATION_VALUE: Duration value .. versionadded:: 3.19 :cvar STATUS_REFERENCES_VALUE: Status References Property .. _Property documentation: queryString=concept+property """ CHAR_VALUE = "CHAR_VALUE" TEXT_VALUE = "TEXT_VALUE" BOOLEAN_VALUE = "BOOLEAN_VALUE" INT_VALUE = "INT_VALUE" FLOAT_VALUE = "FLOAT_VALUE" DATETIME_VALUE = "DATETIME_VALUE" DATE_VALUE = "DATE_VALUE" TIME_VALUE = "TIME_VALUE" DURATION_VALUE = "DURATION_VALUE" ATTACHMENT_VALUE = "ATTACHMENT_VALUE" LINK_VALUE = "LINK_VALUE" SINGLE_SELECT_VALUE = "SINGLE_SELECT_VALUE" MULTI_SELECT_VALUE = "MULTI_SELECT_VALUE" REFERENCE_VALUE = "REFERENCE_VALUE" REFERENCES_VALUE = "REFERENCES_VALUE" ACTIVITY_REFERENCES_VALUE = "ACTIVITY_REFERENCES_VALUE" SCOPE_REFERENCES_VALUE = "SCOPE_REFERENCES_VALUE" SERVICE_REFERENCES_VALUE = "SERVICE_REFERENCES_VALUE" FORM_REFERENCES_VALUE = "FORM_REFERENCES_VALUE" CONTEXT_REFERENCES_VALUE = "CONTEXT_REFERENCES_VALUE" STATUS_REFERENCES_VALUE = "STATUS_REFERENCES_VALUE" TEAM_REFERENCES_VALUE = "TEAM_REFERENCES_VALUE" USER_REFERENCES_VALUE = "USER_REFERENCES_VALUE" JSON_VALUE = "JSON_VALUE" GEOJSON_VALUE = "GEOJSON_VALUE" WEATHER_VALUE = "WEATHER_VALUE"
[docs]class ActivityType(Enum): """The various Activity types that are accepted by KE-chain. .. versionadded:: 2.0 :cvar TASK: a normal task :cvar PROCESS: a subprocess (container) containing other tasks """ PROCESS = "PROCESS" TASK = "TASK"
[docs]class ActivityClassification(Enum): """The classification of Activities that are accepted by KE-chain. .. versionadded:: 2.0 .. versionchanged:: 3.2 Add 'APP' environment for KE-chain versions > 3.1 .. versionchanged:: 3.14 Add 'FORM' envornment for KE-chain versions > v2021.10 :cvar WORKFLOW: Classification of the activity is WORKFLOW :cvar CATALOG: Classification of the activity is CATALOG :cvar APP: Classification of the activity is APP :cvar FORM: Classification of the activity is FORM """ WORKFLOW = "WORKFLOW" CATALOG = "CATALOG" APP = "APP" FORM = "FORM"
[docs]class ActivityRootNames(Enum): """The classification of Activities that are accepted by KE-chain. .. versionadded:: 2.0 .. versionchanged:: 3.2 Add 'APP' environment for KE-chain versions > 3.1 .. versionchanged:: 3.14 Add 'FORM' environment for KE-chain versions >= v2021.10 :cvar WORKFLOW_ROOT: Root of the activity is WORKFLOW_ROOT :cvar CATALOG_ROOT: Root of the activity is CATALOG_ROOT (below are CATALOG tasks) :cvar APP_ROOT: Root of the activity is APP_ROOT (below are APP 'tasks' ie. 'screems') """ WORKFLOW_ROOT = "WORKFLOW_ROOT" CATALOG_ROOT = "CATALOG_ROOT" APP_ROOT = "APP_ROOT" FORM_ROOT = "FORM_ROOT"
activity_root_name_by_classification = { ActivityClassification.WORKFLOW: ActivityRootNames.WORKFLOW_ROOT, ActivityClassification.CATALOG: ActivityRootNames.CATALOG_ROOT, ActivityClassification.APP: ActivityRootNames.APP_ROOT, ActivityClassification.FORM: ActivityRootNames.FORM_ROOT, }
[docs]class WidgetNames(Enum): """The various Names of the Widget that can be configured. .. versionchanged:: 3.14 Added FORMMETAPANEL for KE-chain versions >= v2021.10 :cvar SUPERGRIDWIDGET: superGridWidget :cvar PROPERTYGRIDWIDGET: propertyGridWidget :cvar HTMLWIDGET: htmlWidget :cvar FILTEREDGRIDWIDGET: filteredGridWidget :cvar SERVICEWIDGET: serviceWidget :cvar NOTEBOOKWIDGET: notebookWidget :cvar ATTACHMENTVIEWERWIDGET: attachmentViewerWidget :cvar TASKNAVIGATIONBARWIDGET: taskNavigationBarWidget :cvar JSONWIDGET: jsonWidget # KE-chain 3 only :cvar SIGNATUREWIDGET: signatureWidget :cvar CARDWIDGET: cardWidget :cvar METAPANELWIDGET: metaPanelWidget :cvar FORMMETAPANEL: formMetaPanelWidget :cvar MULTICOLUMNWIDGET: multiColumnWidget :cvar PROGRESSWIDGET: progressWidget :cvar TASKSWIDGET: tasksWidget :cvar SERVICECARDWIDGET: serviceCardWidget :cvar DASHBOARDWIDGET: 'dashboardWidget' :cvar SCOPEMEMBERS: 'scopeMembersWidget' """ SUPERGRIDWIDGET = "superGridWidget" PROPERTYGRIDWIDGET = "propertyGridWidget" HTMLWIDGET = "htmlWidget" FILTEREDGRIDWIDGET = "filteredGridWidget" SERVICEWIDGET = "serviceWidget" NOTEBOOKWIDGET = "notebookWidget" ATTACHMENTVIEWERWIDGET = "attachmentViewerWidget" TASKNAVIGATIONBARWIDGET = "taskNavigationBarWidget" JSONWIDGET = "jsonWidget" METAPANELWIDGET = "metaPanelWidget" FORMMETAPANELWIDGET = "formMetaPanelWidget" MULTICOLUMNWIDGET = "multiColumnWidget" SIGNATUREWIDGET = "signatureWidget" CARDWIDGET = "cardWidget" PROGRESSWIDGET = "progressWidget" TASKSWIDGET = "taskWidget" SERVICECARDWIDGET = "serviceCardWidget" DASHBOARDWIDGET = "dashboardWidget" SCOPEMEMBERS = "scopeMembersWidget" PROJECTINFO = "projectInfoWidget"
[docs]class WidgetTypes(Enum): """The various widget types for the widget definitions available to the widget api. .. versionchanged:: 3.14 Added FORMMETAPANEL for KE-chain versions >= v2021.10 :cvar UNDEFINED: Undefined Widget :cvar PROPERTYGRID: Propertygrid widget :cvar SUPERGRID: Supergrid widget :cvar HTML: Html widget :cvar FILTEREDGRID: Filteredgrid widget :cvar SERVICE: Service widget :cvar NOTEBOOK: Notebook widget :cvar ATTACHMENTVIEWER: Attachmentviewer widget :cvar TASKNAVIGATIONBAR: Tasknavigationbar widget :cvar JSON: Json widget :cvar METAPANEL: Metapanel widget :cvar FORMMETAPANEL: The FormMetapanel widget :cvar MULTICOLUMN: Multicolumn widget :cvar SCOPE: Scope widget :cvar THIRDPARTY: Thirdparty widget :cvar PROGRESS: Progress widget :cvar SIGNATURE: Signature widget :cvar CARD: Card widget :cvar TASKS: Tasks widget :cvar WEATHER: Weather widget :cvar SERVICECARD: Servicecard widget :cvar DASHBOARD: Dashboard widget :cvar SCOPEMEMBERS: Scopemembers widget """ UNDEFINED = "UNDEFINED" PROPERTYGRID = "PROPERTYGRID" SUPERGRID = "SUPERGRID" HTML = "HTML" FILTEREDGRID = "FILTEREDGRID" SERVICE = "SERVICE" NOTEBOOK = "NOTEBOOK" ATTACHMENTVIEWER = "ATTACHMENTVIEWER" TASKNAVIGATIONBAR = "TASKNAVIGATIONBAR" JSON = "JSON" METAPANEL = "METAPANEL" FORMMETAPANEL = "FORMMETAPANEL" MULTICOLUMN = "MULTICOLUMN" SCOPE = "SCOPE" THIRDPARTY = "THIRDPARTY" PROGRESS = "PROGRESS" SIGNATURE = "SIGNATURE" CARD = "CARD" TASKS = "TASKS" WEATHER = "WEATHER" SERVICECARD = "SERVICECARD" DASHBOARD = "DASHBOARD" SCOPEMEMBERS = "SCOPEMEMBERS" PROJECTINFO = "PROJECTINFO"
WidgetCompatibleTypes = { WidgetNames.SUPERGRIDWIDGET: WidgetTypes.SUPERGRID, WidgetNames.PROPERTYGRIDWIDGET: WidgetTypes.PROPERTYGRID, WidgetNames.HTMLWIDGET: WidgetTypes.HTML, WidgetNames.FILTEREDGRIDWIDGET: WidgetTypes.FILTEREDGRID, WidgetNames.SERVICEWIDGET: WidgetTypes.SERVICE, WidgetNames.NOTEBOOKWIDGET: WidgetTypes.NOTEBOOK, WidgetNames.ATTACHMENTVIEWERWIDGET: WidgetTypes.ATTACHMENTVIEWER, WidgetNames.TASKNAVIGATIONBARWIDGET: WidgetTypes.TASKNAVIGATIONBAR, WidgetNames.JSONWIDGET: WidgetTypes.JSON, WidgetNames.METAPANELWIDGET: WidgetTypes.METAPANEL, WidgetNames.FORMMETAPANELWIDGET: WidgetTypes.FORMMETAPANEL, WidgetNames.MULTICOLUMNWIDGET: WidgetTypes.MULTICOLUMN, WidgetNames.PROGRESSWIDGET: WidgetTypes.PROGRESS, WidgetNames.SIGNATUREWIDGET: WidgetTypes.SIGNATURE, WidgetNames.CARDWIDGET: WidgetTypes.CARD, WidgetNames.TASKSWIDGET: WidgetTypes.TASKS, WidgetNames.SERVICECARDWIDGET: WidgetTypes.SERVICECARD, WidgetNames.DASHBOARDWIDGET: WidgetTypes.DASHBOARD, WidgetNames.SCOPEMEMBERS: WidgetTypes.SCOPEMEMBERS, WidgetNames.PROJECTINFO: WidgetTypes.PROJECTINFO, } default_metapanel_widget = dict( name=WidgetNames.METAPANELWIDGET, config=dict(), meta=dict( showAll=True, ), )
[docs]class ActivityStatus(Enum): """The various Activity statuses that are accepted by KE-chain. :cvar OPEN: status of activity is open :cvar COMPLETED: status of activity is completed """ OPEN = "OPEN" COMPLETED = "COMPLETED"
[docs]class ScopeStatus(Enum): """The various status of a scope. .. versionchanged:: 3.0 The `TEMPLATE` ScopeStatus is deprecated in KE-chain 3 :cvar ACTIVE: Status of a scope is active (default) :cvar CLOSED: Status of a scope is closed :cvar TEMPLATE: Status of a scope is a template (not actively used)(deprecated in KE-chain 3.0) :cvar DELETING: Status of a scope when the scope is being deleted """ ACTIVE = "ACTIVE" CLOSED = "CLOSED" TEMPLATE = "TEMPLATE" DELETING = "DELETING"
[docs]class ScopeCategory(Enum): """The various categories of a scope. .. versionadded::3.0 :cvar LIBRARY_SCOPE: The scope is a library scope :cvar USER_SCOPE: The scope is a normal user scope :cvar TEMPLATE_SCOPE: The scope is a template scope """ LIBRARY_SCOPE = "LIBRARY_SCOPE" USER_SCOPE = "USER_SCOPE" TEMPLATE_SCOPE = "TEMPLATE_SCOPE"
[docs]class ServiceType(Enum): """The file types of sim script. :cvar PYTHON_SCRIPT: service is a python script :cvar NOTEBOOK: service is a jupyter notebook """ PYTHON_SCRIPT = "PYTHON SCRIPT" NOTEBOOK = "NOTEBOOK"
[docs]class ServiceEnvironmentVersion(Enum): """The acceptable versions of python where services run on. :cvar PYTHON_3_6: Service execution environment is a python 3.6 container (unsupported) :cvar PYTHON_3_7: Service execution environment is a python 3.7 container :cvar PYTHON_3_8: Service execution environment is a python 3.8 container :cvar PYTHON_3_9: Service execution environment is a python 3.9 container :cvar PYTHON_3_10: Service execution environment is a python 3.10 container :cvar PYTHON_3_6_NOTEBOOKS: execution environment is a python 3.6 container with jupyter notebook preinstalled (unsupported) :cvar PYTHON_3_8_NOTEBOOKS: execution environment is a python 3.8 container with jupyter notebook preinstalled :cvar PYTHON_3_9_NOTEBOOKS: execution environment is a python 3.9 container with jupyter notebook preinstalled :cvar PYTHON_3_10_NOTEBOOKS: execution environment is a python 3.10 container with jupyter notebook preinstalled """ PYTHON_3_6 = "3.6" # unsupported PYTHON_3_7 = "3.7" PYTHON_3_8 = "3.8" PYTHON_3_9 = "3.9" PYTHON_3_10 = "3.10" PYTHON_3_6_NOTEBOOKS = "3.6_notebook" # unsupported PYTHON_3_8_NOTEBOOKS = "3.8_notebook" PYTHON_3_9_NOTEBOOKS = "3.9_notebook" PYTHON_3_10_NOTEBOOKS = "3.10_notebook"
[docs]class ServiceScriptUser(Enum): """The acceptable usertypes under which a (trusted) service is run. :cvar KENODE_USER: Run as "kenode" user. Equivalent to a manager in a scope. :cvar TEAMMANAGER_USER: Run as "kenode_team". Equivalent to a manager in a team. (disabled until available) :cvar CONFIGURATOR_USER: Run as "kenode_configurator". Equivalent to GG:Configurator. """ KENODE_USER = "kenode" # TEAMMANAGER_USER = "kenode_team" CONFIGURATOR_USER = "kenode_configurator"
[docs]class ServiceExecutionStatus(Enum): """The acceptable states of a running service. :cvar LOADING: Execution is in LOADING state (next RUNNING, FAILED) :cvar RUNNING: Execution is in RUNNING state (next COMPLETED, FAILED, TERMINATING) :cvar COMPLETED: Execution is in COMPLETED state :cvar FAILED: Execution is in FAILED state :cvar TERMINATING: Execution is in TERMINATING state (next TERMINATED) :cvar TERMINATED: Execution is in TERMINATED state """ LOADING = "LOADING" RUNNING = "RUNNING" COMPLETED = "COMPLETED" FAILED = "FAILED" TERMINATING = "TERMINATING" TERMINATED = "TERMINATED"
[docs]class TeamRoles(Enum): """Roles that exist for a team member. :cvar MEMBER: A normal team member :cvar MANAGER: A team member that may manage the team (add or remove members, change team) :cvar OWNER: The owner of a team """ MEMBER = "MEMBER" MANAGER = "MANAGER" OWNER = "OWNER"
[docs]class ScopeRoles(Enum): """ Roles that exist for a member of a scope. :cvar MANAGER: owner of the scope, has full rights :cvar SUPERVISOR: supervisor member of a scope, has the rights as leadmember and rights to manage catalog tasks. :cvar LEADMEMBER: elevated member, has assignment rights, no rights on App tasks or Catalog tasks. :cvar MEMBER: normal member, only has viewing rights """ MANAGER = "manager" SUPERVISOR = "supervisor" LEADMEMBER = "leadmember" MEMBER = "member"
[docs]class ScopeMemberActions(Enum): """ Actions to be performed on the members of a scope. :cvar ADD: add a member to the scope :cvar REMOVE: delete a member from the scope """ ADD = "add" REMOVE = "remove"
[docs]class ContextType(Enum): """Types of Contexts. :cvar STATIC_LOCATION: Geolocation / Featurecollection context with a geolocation. :cvar TIME_PERIOD: Time Period Context with start_date and due_date :cvar TEXT_LABEL: generic textual label """ STATIC_LOCATION = "STATIC_LOCATION" TIME_PERIOD = "TIME_PERIOD" TEXT_LABEL = "TEXT_LABEL"
[docs]class ContextGroup(Enum): """ Context may have a context_group. ..versionadded: 3.11 This is for context API versions 1.2.0 or later. :cvar UNDEFINED: UNDEFINED :cvar DISCIPLINE: Discipline, in nl: Discipline :cvar ASSET: Asset, in nl: Object, Kunstwerk :cvar DEPARTMENT: Department, in nl: Onderdeel, Afdeling :cvar PERIOD: Workperiod, in nl: Werkperiode :cvar LOCATION: Location, in nl: Locatie :cvar PHASE: Phase, in nl: Fase :cvar REQUIREMENT: Requirement, in nl: Eis :cvar EXTERNALID: External identifier, to be used to provide a generic link to an external application :cvar WORKPACKAGE: Workpackage, in nl: Werkpakket """ UNDEFINED = "UNDEFINED" DISCIPLINE = "DISCIPLINE" # nl: Discipline ASSET = "ASSET" # nl: Object, Kunstwerk DEPARTMENT = "DEPARTMENT" # nl: Onderdeel, Afdeling PERIOD = "WORKPERIOD" # nl: Werkperiode LOCATION = "LOCATION" # nl: Locatie PHASE = "PHASE" # nl: Fase REQUIREMENT = "REQUIREMENT" # nl: Eis EXTERNALID = "EXTERNALID" WORKPACKAGE = "WORKPACKAGE" # nl: Werkpakket
[docs]class KechainEnv(Enum): """Environment variables that can be set for pykechain. :cvar KECHAIN_URL: full url of KE-chain where to connect to eg: 'https://<some>' :cvar KECHAIN_TOKEN: authentication token for the KE-chain user provided from KE-chain user account control :cvar KECHAIN_USERNAME: the username for the credentials :cvar KECHAIN_PASSWORD: the password for the credentials :cvar KECHAIN_SCOPE: the name of the project / scope. Should be unique, otherwise use scope_id :cvar KECHAIN_SCOPE_ID: the UUID of the project / scope. :cvar KECHAIN_FORCE_ENV_USE: set to 'true', '1', 'ok', or 'yes' to always use the environment variables. :cvar KECHAIN_SCOPE_STATUS: the status of the Scope to retrieve, defaults to None to retrieve all scopes :cvar KECHAIN_CHECK_CERTIFICATES: if the certificates of the URL should be checked. """ KECHAIN_FORCE_ENV_USE = "KECHAIN_FORCE_ENV_USE" KECHAIN_URL = "KECHAIN_URL" KECHAIN_TOKEN = "KECHAIN_TOKEN" KECHAIN_USERNAME = "KECHAIN_USERNAME" KECHAIN_PASSWORD = "KECHAIN_PASSWORD" KECHAIN_SCOPE = "KECHAIN_SCOPE" KECHAIN_SCOPE_ID = "KECHAIN_SCOPE_ID" KECHAIN_SCOPE_STATUS = "KECHAIN_SCOPE_STATUS" KECHAIN_CHECK_CERTIFICATES = "KECHAIN_CHECK_CERTIFICATES"
[docs]class SortTable(Enum): """The acceptable sorting options for a grid/table. :cvar ASCENDING: Table is sorted in ASCENDING ORDER :cvar DESCENDING: Table is sorted in DESCENDING ORDER """ ASCENDING = "ASC" DESCENDING = "DESC"
[docs]class Alignment(Enum): """The alignment options for attachment viewer, navigation bar widgets and service widgets. :cvar LEFT: Aligned to the left :cvar CENTER: Aligned to the center :cvar RIGHT: Aligned to the right """ LEFT = "left" CENTER = "center" RIGHT = "right"
[docs]class SidebarItemAlignment(Enum): """The acceptable alignment options for sidebar button. :cvar TOP: "top" :cvar BOTTOM: "bottom" """ TOP = "top" BOTTOM = "bottom"
[docs]class SidebarButtonAlignment(SidebarItemAlignment): """Compatibility enumeration class for the SidebarItemAlignment.""" pass
[docs]class SidebarType(Enum): """The types that can exist as a Sidebar Item. :cvar BUTTON: a button, :cvar CARD: a card """ BUTTON = "BUTTON" CARD = "CARD"
[docs]class PaperSize(Enum): """The acceptable paper sizes options for a downloaded PDF. :cvar A0: Paper of size A0 :cvar A1: Paper of size A1 :cvar A2: Paper of size A2 :cvar A3: Paper of size A3 :cvar A4: Paper of size A4 """ A0 = "a0paper" A1 = "a1paper" A2 = "a2paper" A3 = "a3paper" A4 = "a4paper" AUTO = "automatic"
[docs]class PaperOrientation(Enum): """The acceptable paper orientation options for a downloaded PDF. :cvar PORTRAIT: Paper of orientation 'portrait' :cvar LANDSCAPE: Paper of orientation 'landscape' """ PORTRAIT = "portrait" LANDSCAPE = "landscape"
[docs]class PropertyVTypes(Enum): """The VTypes (or validator types) that are allowed in the json. This corresponds to the various validator classes which SHOULD be named: `vtype[0].upper() + vtype[1:]` eg: 'numbericRangeValidator' has an implementation class of 'NumericRangeValidator' .. versionadded:: 2.2 :cvar NONEVALIDATOR: noneValidator - No validation is done :cvar NUMERICRANGE: numericRangeValidator :cvar BOOLEANFIELD: booleanFieldValidator :cvar REQUIREDFIELD: requiredFieldValidator :cvar EVENNUMBER: evenNumberValidator :cvar ODDNUMBER: oddNumberValidator :cvar REGEXSTRING: regexStringValidator :cvar SINGLEREFERENCE: 'singleReferenceValidator' :cvar FILEEXTENSION: 'fileExtensionValidator' :cvar FILESIZE: 'fileSizeValidator' """ NONEVALIDATOR = "noneValidator" NUMERICRANGE = "numericRangeValidator" BOOLEANFIELD = "booleanFieldValidator" REQUIREDFIELD = "requiredFieldValidator" EVENNUMBER = "evenNumberValidator" ODDNUMBER = "oddNumberValidator" REGEXSTRING = "regexStringValidator" SINGLEREFERENCE = "singleReferenceValidator" FILEEXTENSION = "fileExtensionValidator" FILESIZE = "fileSizeValidator" # fallback ALWAYSALLOW = "alwaysAllowValidator"
[docs]class ValidatorEffectTypes(Enum): """The effects that can be attached to a validator. .. versionadded:: 2.2 :cvar NONE_EFFECT: noneEffect :cvar VISUALEFFECT: visualEffect :cvar TEXT_EFFECT: textEffect :cvar ERRORTEXT_EFFECT: errorTextEffect :cvar HELPTEXT_EFFECT: helpTextEffect """ NONE_EFFECT = "noneEffect" VISUALEFFECT = "visualEffect" TEXT_EFFECT = "textEffect" ERRORTEXT_EFFECT = "errorTextEffect" HELPTEXT_EFFECT = "helpTextEffect"
[docs]class PropertyRepresentation(Enum): """ The Representation configuration to display a property value. .. versionadded:: 3.0 .. versionchanged:: 3.11 added geocoordinate in line with KE-chain v2021.5.0 :cvar DECIMAL_PLACES: Amount of decimal places to show the number :cvar SIGNIFICANT_DIGITS: Number (count) of significant digits to display the number :cvar LINK_TARGET: configuration of a link to open the link in a new browsertab or not. :cvar BUTTON: options to represent the choices of a select-list :cvar THOUSANDS_SEPARATOR: option to display the thousand separator :cvar AUTOFILL: option to autofill the content of the property :cvar GEOCOORDINATE: option to display an alternative representation for the geocoordinate :cvar USE_PROPERTY_NAME: option to display the name of a property for a part actvity ref prop """ DECIMAL_PLACES = "decimalPlaces" SIGNIFICANT_DIGITS = "significantDigits" LINK_TARGET = "linkTarget" BUTTON = "buttonRepresentation" THOUSANDS_SEPARATOR = "thousandsSeparator" AUTOFILL = "autofill" GEOCOORDINATE = "geoCoordinate" USE_PROPERTY_NAME = "usePropertyName" CAMERA_SCANNER_INPUT = "cameraScannerInput"
[docs]class GeoCoordinateConfig(Enum): """GeoCoordinate Configuration Enumerations. :cvar APPROX_ADDRESS: represent the coordinate as approximate address (lookup by Google) :cvar RD_AMERSFOORT: represent the coordinate as Amersfoort / RN New (epsg: 28992) :cvar DD: represent the coordinate as Decimal Degrees (WGS84, epsg:4326) :cvar DMS: represent the coordinate as as Degrees Minutes Seconds (WGS84, epsg:4326) """ APPROX_ADDRESS = "approx_address" # As approximated address # Amersfoort/RD (epsg: 28992) RD_AMERSFOORT = "rd_amersfoort" DD = ( # As WSG84 (epsg:4326) decimal degrees representation first lat (-90,+90) then lng # (-180,+180) "dd" ) DMS = ( # As WSG84 (epsg:4326) degrees, minutes, seconds representation first lat N/S then lng E/W "dms" )
[docs]class OtherRepresentations(Enum): """ Other representations used in KE-chain. :cvar CUSTOM_ICON: different font-awesome icons """ CUSTOM_ICON = "customIcon"
class _AllRepresentations(PropertyRepresentation, OtherRepresentations): pass
[docs]class ShowColumnTypes(Enum): """The columns that can be shown in a Property grid. .. versionadded:: 2.3 :cvar UNIT: unit :cvar DESCRIPTION: description """ UNIT = "unit" DESCRIPTION = "description"
[docs]class ScopeWidgetColumnTypes(Enum): """The columns that can be shown in a Scope widget grid. .. versionadded:: 3.0 :cvar PROJECT_NAME: Name :cvar START_DATE: Start date :cvar DUE_DATE: Due date :cvar PROGRESS: Progress :cvar STATUS: Status :cvar TAGS: Tags """ PROJECT_NAME = "Name" START_DATE = "Start date" DUE_DATE = "Due date" PROGRESS = "Progress" STATUS = "Status" TAGS = "Tags"
[docs]class FilterType(Enum): """The type of pre-filters that can be set on a Multi Reference Property. .. versionadded:: 3.0 :cvar GREATER_THAN_EQUAL: 'gte' :cvar LOWER_THAN_EQUAL: 'lte' :cvar CONTAINS: 'icontains' :cvar EXACT: 'exact' """ GREATER_THAN_EQUAL = "gte" LOWER_THAN_EQUAL = "lte" CONTAINS = "icontains" CONTAINS_SET = "contains" EXACT = "exact"
[docs]class ProgressBarColors(Enum): """ Some basic colors that can be set on a Progress Bar inside a Progress Bar Widget. .. versionadded:: 3.0 :cvar BLACK: '#000000' :cvar WHITE: '#FFFFFF' :cvar RED: 'FF0000' :cvar LIME: '#00FF00' :cvar BLUE: '#0000FF' :cvar YELLOW: '#FFFF00' :cvar CYAN: '#00FFFF' :cvar MAGENTA: '#FF00FF' :cvar SILVER: '#C0C0C0' :cvar GRAY: '#808080' :cvar MAROON: '#800000' :cvar OLIVE: '#808000' :cvar GREEN: '#008000' :cvar PURPLE: '#800080' :cvar TEAL: '#008080' :cvar NAVY: '#000080' :cvar DEFAULT_COMPLETED: '#339447' :cvar DEFAULT_IN_PROGRESS: '#FF6600' :cvar DEFAULT_NO_PROGRESS: '#EEEEEE' :cvar DEFAULT_IN_PROGRESS_BACKGROUND: '#FC7C3D' """ BLACK = "#000000" WHITE = "#FFFFFF" RED = "#FF0000" LIME = "#00FF00" BLUE = "#0000FF" YELLOW = "#FFFF00" CYAN = "#00FFFF" MAGENTA = "#FF00FF" SILVER = "#C0C0C0" GRAY = "#808080" MAROON = "#800000" OLIVE = "#808000" GREEN = "#008000" PURPLE = "#800080" TEAL = "#008080" NAVY = "#000080" DEFAULT_COMPLETED = "#339447" DEFAULT_IN_PROGRESS = "#FF6600" DEFAULT_NO_PROGRESS = "#EEEEEE" DEFAULT_IN_PROGRESS_BACKGROUND = "#FC7C3D"
[docs]class LinkTargets(Enum): """ Target for the CardWidget link and Link property representations. .. versionadded:: 3.0 :cvar SAME_TAB: "_self" :cvar NEW_TAB: "_blank" """ SAME_TAB = "_self" NEW_TAB = "_blank"
[docs]class CardWidgetLinkTarget(LinkTargets): """Target for the CardWidget, remaining for backwards compatibility.""" pass
[docs]class CardWidgetLinkValue(Enum): """ Link Value for the CardWidget. .. versionadded:: 3.0 :cvar EXTERNAL_LINK: "External link" :cvar TASK_LINK: "Task link" :cvar NO_LINK: "No link" """ EXTERNAL_LINK = "External link" TASK_LINK = "Task link" TREE_VIEW = "Tree view" NO_LINK = "No link"
[docs]class CardWidgetImageValue(Enum): """ Image for the CardWidget. .. versionadded:: 3.0 :cvar CUSTOM_IMAGE: "Custom image" :cvar NO_IMAGE: "No image" """ CUSTOM_IMAGE = "Custom image" NO_IMAGE = "No image"
[docs]class KEChainPages(Enum): """ URL names of built-in KE-chain pages. :cvar DETAIL: "detail" :cvar FORMS: "forms" :cvar TASKS: "activities" :cvar WORK_BREAKDOWN: "activitytree" :cvar CATALOG_FORMS: "catalogforms" :cvar CONTEXTS: "contexts" :cvar WORKFLOWS: "workflows" :cvar DATA_MODEL: "productmodel" :cvar EXPLORER: "product" :cvar SERVICES: "scripts" """ DETAIL = "detail" FORMS = "forms" TASKS = "activities" WORK_BREAKDOWN = "activitytree" CATALOG_FORMS = "catalogforms" CONTEXTS = "contexts" WORKFLOWS = "workflows" DATA_MODEL = "productmodel" EXPLORER = "product" SERVICES = "scripts" CATALOG_WBS = "catalogtree" APP_WBS = "apptree"
KEChainPageLabels = { KEChainPages.DETAIL: "Project details", KEChainPages.FORMS: "Forms", KEChainPages.TASKS: "Tasks", KEChainPages.WORK_BREAKDOWN: "Work Breakdown", KEChainPages.CATALOG_FORMS: "Template forms", KEChainPages.CONTEXTS: "Contexts", KEChainPages.WORKFLOWS: "Workflows", KEChainPages.CATALOG_WBS: "Catalog", KEChainPages.APP_WBS: "App Screens", KEChainPages.DATA_MODEL: "Data model", KEChainPages.EXPLORER: "Explorer", KEChainPages.SERVICES: "Scripts", } KEChainPageLabels_nl = { KEChainPages.DETAIL: "Project details", KEChainPages.FORMS: "Formulieren", KEChainPages.TASKS: "Taken", KEChainPages.WORK_BREAKDOWN: "Taakverdeling", KEChainPages.CATALOG_FORMS: "Sjablonen", KEChainPages.CONTEXTS: "Contexten", KEChainPages.WORKFLOWS: "Workflows", KEChainPages.CATALOG_WBS: "Catalogus", KEChainPages.APP_WBS: "App schermen", KEChainPages.DATA_MODEL: "Data model", KEChainPages.EXPLORER: "Explorer", KEChainPages.SERVICES: "Scripts", } CardWidgetKEChainPageLink = { KEChainPages.DETAIL: "Project", KEChainPages.FORMS: "Forms", KEChainPages.TASKS: "Tasks", KEChainPages.DATA_MODEL: "Model", KEChainPages.EXPLORER: "Explorer", KEChainPages.SERVICES: "Script", KEChainPages.WORK_BREAKDOWN: "Work Breakdown", KEChainPages.CATALOG_WBS: "Catalog Tasks", KEChainPages.APP_WBS: "App Tasks", KEChainPages.CATALOG_FORMS: "Template forms", KEChainPages.CONTEXTS: "Contexts", KEChainPages.WORKFLOWS: "Workflows", } KEChainPageIcons = { KEChainPages.DETAIL: "bookmark", KEChainPages.FORMS: "file-contract", KEChainPages.TASKS: "edit", KEChainPages.WORK_BREAKDOWN: "sitemap", KEChainPages.CATALOG_FORMS: "file-export", KEChainPages.CONTEXTS: "tags", KEChainPages.WORKFLOWS: "directions", KEChainPages.CATALOG_WBS: "books", KEChainPages.APP_WBS: "tablet-alt", KEChainPages.DATA_MODEL: "cube", KEChainPages.EXPLORER: "folder", KEChainPages.SERVICES: "file-code", }
[docs]class SubprocessDisplayMode(Enum): """ URL variations to vary the display of a subprocess activity. :cvar ACTIVITIES: "activities" :cvar TREEVIEW: "treeview" """ ACTIVITIES = "activities" TREEVIEW = "treeview"
[docs]class URITarget(Enum): """ Side-bar button redirect options. :cvar INTERNAL: "internal" :cvar EXTERNAL: "external" :cvar NEW: "_new" :cvar SELF: "_self" :cvar BLANK: "_blank" :cvar PARENT: "_parent" :cvar TOP: "_top" """ INTERNAL = "internal" EXTERNAL = "external" NEW = "_new" SELF = "_self" BLANK = "_blank" PARENT = "_parent" TOP = "_top"
[docs]class FontAwesomeMode(Enum): """ Options to display the same icon. Source: :cvar SOLID: "solid" :cvar REGULAR: "regular" :cvar LIGHT: "light" """ SOLID = "solid" REGULAR = "regular" LIGHT = "light"
[docs]class SidebarAccessLevelOptions(Enum): """ Options for access level options for the sidebar. :cvar IS_MEMBER: "is_member" :cvar IS_LEAD_MEMBER: "is_leadmember" :cvar IS_SUPERVISOR: "is_supervisor" :cvar IS_MANAGER: "is_manager" """ IS_MEMBER = "is_member" IS_LEAD_MEMBER = "is_leadmember" IS_SUPERVISOR = "is_supervisor" IS_MANAGER = "is_manager"
[docs]class MinimumAccessLevelOptions(SidebarAccessLevelOptions): """Options for minumum access level options for the sidebar.""" pass
[docs]class MaximumAccessLevelOptions(SidebarAccessLevelOptions): """Options for maximum access level options for the sidebar.""" pass
[docs]class SelectListRepresentations(Enum): """ Options in which a single-select list property options are displayed. :cvar DROP_DOWN: "dropdown" :cvar CHECK_BOXES: "checkboxes" :cvar BUTTONS: "buttons" """ DROP_DOWN = "dropdown" CHECK_BOXES = "checkboxes" BUTTONS = "buttons"
[docs]class ImageFitValue(Enum): """ Options to fit an image on a CardWidget or AttachmentViewerWidget. This is a subset from the `object-fit property`_ in HTML. :cvar CONTAIN: scale the image to fit within the widget :cvar COVER: scale the image to cover the entire widget .. _object-fit property: """ CONTAIN = "contain" COVER = "cover"
[docs]class WidgetTitleValue(Enum): """ Options to configure the title of a widget. :cvar DEFAULT: Use the default title of the widget type. :cvar NO_TITLE: Show no title. :cvar CUSTOM_TITLE: Show a custom title text. """ DEFAULT = "Default" NO_TITLE = "No title" CUSTOM_TITLE = "Custom title"
[docs]class NotificationStatus(Enum): """ Options to retrieve a Notification based on its status. normal lifecycle: - DRAFT, when a message is first saved to the backend and the status is still in draft. next states: READY - READY: when the message is ready for processing, it is complete and is to be processed next states: PROCESSING - PROCESSING: when the message is in the process of being send out next states: COMPLETED, FAILED - COMPLETED: when the message is successfully sent out next states: ARCHIVED - FAILED: when the message is not successfully sent out next states: ARCHIVED - ARCHIVED: when the message is archives and waiting for its deletion against a certain retention policy next states: None :cvar ARCHIVED: "archived" notifications :cvar COMPLETED: "completed" notifications :cvar DRAFT: "draft" notifications :cvar FAILED: "failed" notifications :cvar PROCESSING: "processing" notifications :cvar READY: "ready" notifications """ ARCHIVED = "ARCHIVED" COMPLETED = "COMPLETED" DRAFT = "DRAFT" FAILED = "FAILED" PROCESSING = "PROCESSING" READY = "READY"
[docs]class NotificationEvent(Enum): """ Options to retrieve a Notification based on its event. :cvar SHARE_ACTIVITY_LINK: notifications generated by sharing the link of an `Activity` :cvar EXPORT_ACTIVITY_ASYNC: notifications generated by exporting an `Activity` :cvar SHARE_ACTIVITY_PDF: notifications generated by sharing the pdf of an `Activity` """ SHARE_ACTIVITY_LINK = "SHARE_ACTIVITY_LINK" EXPORT_ACTIVITY_ASYNC = "EXPORT_ACTIVITY_ASYNC" SHARE_ACTIVITY_PDF = "SHARE_ACTIVITY_PDF"
[docs]class NotificationChannels(Enum): """ Options to retrieve a Notification based on its channel. :cvar EMAIL: email notification :cvar APP: app notification """ EMAIL = "EMAIL" APP = "APP"
[docs]class LanguageCodes(Enum): """ Options for the language setting of a user. :cvar ENGLISH: English :cvar FRENCH: French :cvar GERMAN: German :cvar DUTCH: Dutch :cvar ITALIAN: Italian """ ENGLISH = "en" FRENCH = "fr" GERMAN = "de" DUTCH = "nl" ITALIAN = "it"
[docs]class ImageSize(Enum): """ Options for the Image Size the picture would be saved as from an Attachment Property. :cvar SQXS: SQXS (100, 100) # pixels square :cvar XS: XS (100, ) # pixels width :cvar S: S (320, ) :cvar SQS: SQS (320, 320) :cvar M: M (640, ) :cvar SQM: SQM (640, 640) :cvar L: L (1024, ) :cvar SQL: SQL (1024, 1024) :cvar XL: XL (2048, ) :cvar SQXL: SQXL (2048, 2048) :cvar XXL: XXL (4096, ) :cvar SQXXL: SQXXL (4096, 4096) """ SQXS = "SQXS" XS = "XS" S = "S" SQS = "SQS" M = "M" SQM = "SQM" L = "L" SQL = "SQL" XL = "XL" SQXL = "SQXL" XXL = "XXL" SQXXL = "SQXXL"
[docs]class FormCategory(Enum): """ Options for the Category of a Form. :cvar MODEL: Model :cvar INSTANCE: Instance """ MODEL = "MODEL" INSTANCE = "INSTANCE"
[docs]class WorkflowCategory(Enum): """ Options for the Category of a Workflow. :cvar CATALOG: Catalog Workflow (immutable) :cvar DEFINED: Defined Workflow belonging to a scope """ CATALOG = "CATALOG" DEFINED = "DEFINED"
[docs]class TransitionType(Enum): """ Options for the Type of a Transition. :cvar INITIAL: Initial transition, the initial transition to follow when the form is created. :cvar GLOBAL: Global transition, possibility to transition to all statuses from any :cvar DIRECTED: A Directed transition, a transition with a specific from -> to direction """ INITIAL = "INITIAL" GLOBAL = "GLOBAL" DIRECTED = "DIRECTED"
[docs]class StatusCategory(Enum): """ Category of statuses. :cvar UNDEFINED: Undefined status :cvar TODO: Todo status :cvar INPROGRESS: In progress status :cvar DONE: Done status """ UNDEFINED = "UNDEFINED" TODO = "TODO" INPROGRESS = "INPROGRESS" DONE = "DONE"